Hey Marcos! Thanks for leaving a note - glad you found it relatable. I usually write it in a document, share the link and say that we'll discuss it in the next team meeting (so people have time to pre-read). Then I share the link again after the discussion, or bookmark it in our Slack channel. I remember a quote from Jeff Weiner - "When you're tired of saying it, people start hearing it" - so repetition is key I think!

Re measure of success, really good question. I use both internal and external validation to assess whether it's effective. Internal validation = I no longer feel guilty for not doing certain things, because I've proactively communicated why I chose to do that.

External validation = could be explicit good feedback, but could be as simple as the team looking engaged, motivated, and effectively working without your constant involvement. Does that make sense?


Product leader, ex startup co-founder, ex Facebook. Find me at debbiewidjaja.com

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