Bad news, you might be harming diversity & inclusion in your team

Unconscious action 1: Not bothering to appreciate their names

  • Misspelling their names in written comms (e.g. Taj to Tej or Raj)
  • ‘Correcting’ their names to make it more Western (e.g. Nikhil to Nick)
  • Mispronouncing their names without bothering to ask for the correct pronunciation (remember the ‘Ka-MAL-a, Ka-mala, whatever!’ incident?)

Unconscious action 2: Assuming that they arrive here, at the same spot as you, via the same path

Unconscious action 3: Creating a boys’ club (or any equivalent)

Sending champagne as a work anniversary gift assumes that everyone drinks alcohol

Unconscious action 4: Paying less attention when somebody with an accent speaks their opinion

Unconscious action 5: Refusing to acknowledge your privilege

  • Don’t follow the money, follow the learning opportunities
  • I took a career break to follow my passion to be a beer maker
  • I accidentally got this job without even trying



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